Aidyn’s Birth

Aidyn’s Birth

Aidyn Joshua Steinbrueck was born at 1:46 PM July 3, 2003. Mother and baby are both very healthy. Praise God! Aidyn is 8 lbs 13 ozs and 20 3/4 inches long.

Why Aidyn? Several years ago, even before Ainsley was born, Jennifer and I got the Rich Mullins CD “Songs”. One of the songs on that disk is called “Let Mercy Lead.” We love the lyrics and they are our prayer for our son.

Listen to “Let Mercy Lead” (MP3)
Listen to “Let Mercy Lead” (RealAudio)

Verse 1
Aidyn you’re young
But Aidyn you’re growing fast
Me and your mom
And all the love we have
We can only take you so far
As far as we can
But you’ll need something more to guide your heart
As you grow into a man

Let mercy lead
Let love be the strength in your legs
And in every footprint that you leave
There’ll be a drop of grace
If we can reach
Beyond the wisdom of this age
Into the foolishness of God
That foolishness will save
Those who believe
Although their foolish hearts may break
They will find peace
And I’ll meet you in that place
Where mercy leads

Verse 2
Aidyn the day
Aidyn the day will come
You’ll run the race
That takes us way beyond
All our trials and all our failures
And all the good we dream of
But you can’t see yet where it is you’re heading
But one day you’ll see the face of love

Chorus Repeated